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A) In case of a loss, an “insured” must:

  • give “us” or “our” agent as soon as reasonably possible, notice (“we may request written notice);
  • give notice to the police when the act that causes the loss is a crime; and
  • give notice to the “credit card” company if the loss involves a “credit card”.

B) The notice to “us” must state:

  • the name of the “insured”, the policy number and the time, place, and the details of the loss; and
  • the names and addresses of all known potential claimants and witnesses.


“You” must cooperate with “us” in performing all acts required by this policy, including but not limited to, investigating the claim, settling the claim, and giving a recorded or written statement if “we” request.


”You” must not make payments, pay or offer rewards, or assume obligations or other costs, except at “your” own cost. This does not apply to costs that are allowed by this policy.


An “insured” must take all reasonable steps to protect covered property at and after an insured loss to avoid further loss. “We” will pay the reasonable costs incurred by “you” for necessary repairs or emergency measures performed solely to protect covered property from further damage by a peril insured against if a peril insured against has already caused a loss to covered property. An “insured” must keep an accurate record of such costs. However, “we” will not pay for such repairs or emergency measures performed on property which has not been damaged by a peril insured against. This does not increase “our” limit.

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From our very beginnings back on November 11, 1914 we have been a true local cooperative type of insurance company. Dedicated agents and company staff are readily available to assist you with all your insurance needs. Because of the members’ dedication, policyholders can enjoy the stability of rates, fair claims settlements and good service.

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